The Logic Packaging Process

The Packaging Engineering Services Process

At Logic Packaging, we offer a consultative packaging engineering services approach and ensure that we look at all of our projects from a holistic standpoint taking into account all factors of your supply chain and other needs. Our consultative approach is proven to reduce costs while having a direct impact on your bottom line.

Reduce costs while having a direct impact on your bottom line.

All of our projects start with a packaging engineering consultation by a Logic Packaging engineer.
Each packaging consultation will consist of a thorough on-site evaluation by a certified packaging engineer. All packaging engineers at Logic Packaging take 3 steps to any engineering services consultation challenge:


The first step in our packaging engineering services consultation process is evaluation.  Our Logic Packaging engineers will come on-site and spend time to evaluation your current situation.  During this evaluation we attempt to get to the root cause of any issues or problems you are facing.  Our packaging engineers evaluate these issues looking to create a solution for our customers- not just a material or product to temporarily help the issue.  We continually strive to look for the best solution- whether it is a new or different item, change in material or a change in process.

One of the most important parts of our evaluation process is the presentation of our findings.  During the evaluation process our packaging engineers keep specific notes on what items were investigated as well as the solutions we propose.  Included in the presentation of our findings we show a comprehensive analysis including ROI and affects that our solution will have on our customer’s unique workings.


The second step in our consultation process is implementation.  At Logic Packaging, we can help with the implementation of packaging engineering projects from start to finish with the development of packaging standards, packaging specifications, and communication with your team in order to ensure all aspects of the project are implemented effectively and efficiently.


The third and final step in our engineering consultation process is validation.  This is where Logic Packaging takes the extra step to validate any projected ROI data, and learn from any details brought up during implementation that can further improve or develop the project. Our packaging engineers also include all documentation from evaluation, implementation and validation to provide you with a comprehensive project overview.